About Us

H2O Holding was founded by the merging skills and experience of two brothers, Henri and Hector Bandelier, both of which started their professional activities in the international trading and finance business, pursuing thereafter in distinct segments, finance and ingredients industry respectively. H2O Holding has for vocation to take active participation in partner companies in which one or several H20 divisions provide expertise and support with targeted services to successfully achieve common objectives.

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Our Values

Our company’s culture is synonymous with team spirit, with a profound sense of commitment to our customers and partners considering their cultural differences, values and norms, while cultivating a deep sense of community. These values reflect the background, the international expertise and the spirit of the founders of H2O Holding.


Our Expertise

H2O SERVICES offers business development and business restructuring expertise to start-up or well-implemented companies in the food, food supplement, pharmaceutical and cosmetic segments of the industry. With decades of experience and our worldwide network, our team supports companies in their field of activities regardless of cultural, language or commercial challenges.


H2O TRADING is at the forefront in the sector of natural extracts with high added value intended for the food, food supplement, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. We offer our services in the sourcing, transformation and supply of natural ingredients to match with our client’s interests and requirements.


H2O FINANCE is offering its expertise in merger and acquisition, real estate direct investment in the European Union and the Middle East, and private equity specialized advisory and fund selection, locally and internationally, resulting from a strong network developed during the last 20 years.


H2O EXECUTIVE is active in the finance and industry business segments specialized in the selection and recruitment of highly specialized executives experienced in banking, finance and industry, meeting the highest professional standards. Furthermore, H2O assists in the search for partnership opportunities through the recruitment of investment managers with their own private client database.



Together, we can achieve more! This is the reason why H2O is supporting a few organizations around the world having a high level of humanism and commitment, dedicated to important missions in favor of underprivileged children, wildlife protection or sustainable development.

H2O is honored to participate to the efforts of the Foundation Jan & Oscar implementing more than 40 social projects in Thailand from building schools to recycling plastics.

Foundation Jan & Oscar



H2O Holding SA
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1163 Etoy, Switzerland

Phone: +41 21 808 01 68

Representative Office Japan

H2O Services and Consulting
c/o Kaiyu Corporation
Namisho Bldg. 2nd Fl,
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Tokyo, 104-0033, Japan

Phone: +81 3 5614 0115


Our Team

Hector Bandelier
Hector Bandelier


With more than 20 years of expertise in promoting natural extracts for the food, food supplement, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries at an international level, Hector is dedicated mainly to international business development, project development (sourcing, development, patent, branding, distribution) and mergers and acquisitions in the industry.

Hector grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland. After acquiring a Federal Banking Capacity Diploma, he developed his career in the import-export trading business, prior to pursuing in the bank organizations for which he became a financial specialist in international credit operations.

Henri Bandelier
Henri Bandelier


Skilled in talent development, Henri has been intensively active in the recruitment business for the past 15 years, strategically helping Swiss private banks and international financial institutions to develop their business, through a variety of value-added advisory services. He specializes in executive search, international business development, merger and acquisition and finance management.

Henri grew up and studied in Lausanne, Switzerland. After graduating from Lemania PS, he moved into the food import-export business, then further developed his career in finance working in top tier firms like E.F. Hutton & Co. and Prudential Bache as an American stockbroker and commodity specialist.